OMNI Porducts are a collection of application that have been productized to address the needs of an industry. These Products are developed specifically for users in an Industry to enable them to obtain, understand and grasp information easily. Hence the birth of easy-to-use Products for Hotel Management, Enterprise Management, College Management and SpaceAds. 

hotel guest management sistem   enterprise resourse planning
Increasing number of Internet Savvy hoteliers are using OMNI GMS to manage their properties. Our cost effective and easy to use platform for guest management software delivers value for small to medium hotels. This is a thin client application therefore, no hardware upgrades and no software installation required
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OMNI ERP software is designed to run on our OMNI Portal framework for Enterprise to manage their customers and vendors online. ERP Software is a predictive application to balance the future demand and present supply. The future demands are measured in the Sales Order module from customers and the supply is managed in the Purchase Order module for vendors. OMNI ERP goes on the manage the production scheduling and supply chain management.
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College   mobile adevertising
Campus Management Solutions (CM) is completely user-friendly menu driven interface. This also can integrate RFID solutions with CMS like canteen management, transport management, inventory management, library management, examination management, etc.
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OMNI SpaceAds
Mobile advertising has now gone location based. OMNI SpaceAds pushes ads to users mobile based on their location and preferences. Users have to subscribe to the SIM where SpaceAds will be made available on 90% of all handsets in the world. Users can earn money as the travel to locations where ads are pushed.
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Hotel Hallmark Melaka

Rich in history and alive with modernity, Malacca is a mystical world that is waiting for you to discover. Centuries ago, this is where the Malay kingdom was born. A seaside village has become a treasured town bursting with culture and history. And here amidst all the sightseeing and curio hunting that have become tourist' favourite activities in Malacca, is a hotel that is tailored to your need. Hallmark Hotel is a 2-star hotel.

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The Educational, Welfare And Research Foundation (EWRF) is a national charitable organization, dedicated to assisting the less privileged Malaysian Indians. The latest client to start using the OMNIPortlet to host their various projects and activities. The OMNI Database is customized to their needs of the staff to capture, manage and disseminate information to their audience.

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Academy of Family Phicians

OMNI Web 2.0 Portal manages the AFPM course registration database, includes a finance module that integrats with ICS accounting system.


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The unique about this Hotel is, they using an effective Guest Management System (GMS) which is run on OMNI Web 2.0 Portal to record the flow of guest and daily operation.

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NURR Property Consultants

NURR is a registered property company geared towards providing consultancy services especially in valuation, real estate agency and property management.

Incorporated in 2002, the company, supported by a blend of well-experienced management professionals and its dynamic technical team, is committed to provide its expertise, experience and service for the benefit of the property industry.

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Sek.Keb Klang Web Portal

Portal for school portal. Every public school needs a portal to address the needs of the parents, teachers and students. Micro Circle has developed a simple portal solution for public and private schools to enjoy.

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Cempaka Sari Florist E-Commerce Website

Customer's satisfaction and excellent services are our top priority at Cempaka Sari. This website is to help you enjoy our our services and improve your browsing experience. Any comments and suggestions are welcome, in order to improve our services please make it at our new E-commerce webiste.

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Register your domain name with jawi, chinese or tamil characters with IDN

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Top 10 SIMagine Finalist

Micro Circle has been selected top 10 for the SIMagine 2010 finals in Rome, Italy. The competition is down to the wire. The top 6 finalist will be announced this Monday May 10, 2010.

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