A business portal is to manage your internal staff and employees while communicating and collaborating with your customers and suppliers externally. Close interactions with the internal operations and external parties will increase revenue for the business. Businesses will be able to respond faster to their customers and keep an up to date view of their suppliers. The e-commerce portal will complete the business sale and ensure that there is a measurable return on investment for the portal. Three Main Business Needs

Employee Profiling or Staff Management
Sales, Purchase Order, Inventory and Delivery Management
Sales and Marketing Management

These three areas are in continuously motion while the business churns a profit or loss. If any of these areas are not optimal, the bottom lines will be affected. Our fast moving world of liberalization and global economies, we need an overall view of our business every minute. The OMNI Business Portal gives a view of the business on a timely basis. Every business need can be independent cost centers measured for profitability. Managers and decision makers are advised with the most accurate information of their business every minute.

Business Portal
Hotel Hibiscus City Aero Naz Ballons VSHSN College
Hotel Alamanda Daya Tech Merin SKKlang
Hotel Hallmark Yoga Life Center Cempaka Sari
Singgah Bermalam Alumni Semesti Nuur Property


Human Resources personnel are usually regarded as the head honcho of any organization. It is very tough for their staff to see that they are merely carrying out what has been stipulated in the constitution of the company. However, a portal solution will automate and bring transparency to their dealings.

The process of application for any leave or funds can be automated to the portal. The forms are listed and displayed online for all to understand and the application procedures stipulated. Job appications can be opened to the web for online visitors to update the resume database.

Human Resource manages all the company matters thru a portal solution. This idea is not new and most job agencies to day provide this service as part of their online resume bank services. The portal serves their staff with information and application to ease the dissemination of information. The integral part to the HR portal is the Finance Management.

Many would question why have the finance information listed on the portal? There are much peripheral documentation such budgeting company wide, approvals for purchasing items and other rule based activity that can be stored on the portal.

The Finance portal is the link that justifies the business process were carried out and with verification of authorization and also storing the justification documentation for many of the financial decisions conducted. The portal serves as life storage device for all the financial decisions.

Lastly to reduce the amount of work that should be done by a few people to a few key people. Now a small staff size can maintain a much larger group of people. If the management is keen to address the woes of the staff, then HR portal is imperative.

Tours & Travel

Why do you need a Travel Portal?


92% of all travel booking is done online.


Every travel business, either a Hotel, Travel Agent, Tour Agent, Transport Provider, Property Owner, Event Ticketing, Car/Bus/Van Rental, Restaurants, Service Apartments, Island Resorts or a popular Travel Destination to name a few; needs a Travel Portal.

A Travel Portal is nothing but a systematic listing of all your services in a searchable format for ease of the online customer. Having a travel portal provides a comprehensive one-stop location on the web for all your travel partners, providers and their products and services to be listed so that the online user can easily access information when making a travel purchase.

Customers today are looking for the best deal. They are convinced that the web is the only reliable source to get this information. Guests are willing to risk organizing their travel themselves.

The travel industry is completely transformed and the margins are shrinking. However, only the leading travel players have really leveraged on an internet strategy to take advantage of the online booking customer.

OMNI Travel Portal is designed to post travel packages for online customers to select and buy online freely. All bookings are stored with payment information and history of customer transactions. It has a power customer relationship manager to increase repeat purchases from your satisfied customer.



The best property is always secured by a few property hunters every time. Have you ever wondered why? Use the internet to take advantage of your property needs holistically. The Internet is a boon for many and booed by many. Real estate agents find it hard to shield their potential buyers from the seller. Sellers don’t really what to have to deal with the strangulating agents. Property buyers want to get the best deal for their properties. With all these competing demands, why are you waiting, host your own Property Portal today. For a second time home buyer there are fewer woes when buying their next home. The primary factors are making quick decisions and getting good deals on the price when they become available.

What do you need to buy a property?

  • A large pool of available properties to be evaluated
  • Information on loans and available creditors
  • Property news and latest developments
  • Location demographics and population diversity
  • Independent news and advice on property purchasing

OMNI Property Portal is used by many agents to sell their property online. Developers who need to bring all their properties under one roof use a Property Portal to sell online. Demonstration as to the built area and actual interior can be view with our rich Video gallery tools. Images and pictures can used to describe the cool and stylish lifestyle for each property.

Host your own property portal for your own customer satisfaction. Reach out to your best customer immediately.


Do you really need to go to a florist to choose flowers when the shop is trusted neighbor or friend is just around the corner? However, in today’s busy world we need to add a little convenience for the customer too.

An online Florist Portal

Why because we have to make it a little easier for our customers to buy from a trusted source. The shop is just downstairs but I need to save time from going down and at looking what is on offer. Flowers are something that can be used daily. Every home, business or loved one can receive a bouquet every day. Manage your orders online, giving specific instruction as to the type of flowers and delivery times. These orders are directly managed by the Florist to ensure that the flowers are fresh and fragrant when delivered.

Did you know that Florists are the most connected service that covers the whole world? Delivering flowers is a networked service that crosses the entire globe with agents in every corner. Florists have been using various communication methods and now it is a trusted business worldwide.

OMNI E-Commerce Solution allows for any product to be sold online. We have a powerful inventory system that tracks all items in stock, product and in storage. The sales and ordering system handles all online and offline entries. Finally the delivery manager will calculate the total delivery cost and add to the final invoice to the customer. The product description is configurable and can be tailored to suite any product or service.

Things that can be sold online:

T-shirt Stamps Phones Computer Musical instruments
Documents Scripts Books Cars Accessories

SpaceAds – (Mobile Marketing System)

Users can advertise a text message, picture file, video or photo in any location. This is now an advertisement waiting to be displayed on all those that come into this location. For example you can post a message on SpaceAds in Bangsar. The recipient may be your girlfriend. Your girlfriend will receive an SMS mentioning that you have sent her a SpaceAds that is waiting for her in Bangsar. Once she reaches Bangsar she will receive the message. SpaceAds is about leaving “post it” messages for your friends in location of your interest. This is taking twitting out to the streets.

Customer benefits

SpaceAds enables the user to add advertisements about themselves to their friends. Just like tweeter, users can post little messages and post it up in the location where they are. When the intended recipient arrives, on entry the recipient is notified of the message. This will create new method of communication for users to create “post it” messages on the mobile network wall.

Location Based Advertising

Location based communication has become a need because that is how businesses can benefit. Any business today wanting to take advantage of the social networking sites will have to use the location based service to draw crowd. SpaceAds can post a user’s location on a social networking site to alert other users of their location. This is the next evolution of the Social Networking going location based.

Why SpaceAds?

The commercial draw of this application is the opportunity for users to earn money from their mobile. Each mobile user will be able to download adverts and view them on their mobile phone and get paid for it.

College Management System

All renowned academic institutes have adopted Information, Communication and Technology at every level. From students to lecturers and administrative staff all have no choice but to use ICT on a daily basis. Almost all of their information is stored electronically, including information on students, employees, properties, teaching meteorites etc. Most importantly, this information can be easily shared with authorized users, records can be easily searched, and reports can be easily generated.

OMNI College Management is configured to meet every individual school's need within the college. It is a multi-user system and can be used by hundreds or even thousands users at same time. Generally speaking, it is a platform running on a Local Area Network (LAN). Further, the OMNI server can be made public then every user can access the server from anywhere anytime.

Why Institutes need a College Management Solution (CMS)?

  • If you want to search a student's record in 2 seconds, you need CMS.
  • If you want to know which classroom is used by which class, you need CMS.
  • If you want to know who is teaching whom, you need CMS.
  • If you want to print student’s semester statement under a minute, you need CMS.
  • If you want to print new semester information letter under a minute, you need CMS.
  • If you want to view a class timetable in less than 5 seconds, you need CMS.
  • If you want to know where your properties are and how much they're worth, you need CMS.
  • If you want to automatically send emails or short text messages to students' parents if something happens, you need CMS.

Enterprise Resource Planning System

Enterprise Planning made simple. We have compiled the basic functions that most Enterprise planners will require in one portal. Our Enterprise planning solution is hosted on a portal to allow the customer orders to be managed online and their purchase ordering transacted online.

OMNI ERP brings all the basic functionality to manage and operate an enterprise. How we do this is by having the right mix of applications to share information accordingly. The First Step is the Sales Ordering Module

  • Customer Management
  • Product Management
  • Selling and Buying Price management
  • The sales orders are created by combining the list of inventory with the current orders from the customers. The orders are defined with their specific delivery schedules.

The second step is the Purchase Ordering Module;

  • Vendor management
  • Inventory Management
  • Production and Packaging

The purchase orders ensure that there are enough stock levels and for production. Further, it ensures that there is a transparent price comparison between suppliers and the delivery is within the production requirements for delivery.

Finally the entire operations can be view in the chart of accounts to manage the revenue and cost centers. Each installation can be configured and implemented by their desired requirements of their management operations.

Community Portals (Content Management Portal)

A community portal is designed for the general public to communicate and collaborate with the organization. It severs as an informational portal like a sea port that handles all incoming and outgoing information. There are various applications that are designed specifically to meet this need. The OMNI Portal is built for collaboration with the following tools

  • Create Blogs, Forums and Polls
  • Voting and Election Manager
  • Make Appointments with the staff
  • Make a Complaint
  • Add your feedback and suggestions
  • Create your own Photo and Video Gallery
  • Document Manager for distribution
  • Publication and Newsletters
  • News Portal with unlimited categories

All the above applications are designed for an enterprise class web presence. Within this framework we have extended the Community portal for NGO Portals, My ADUN Portals, Political Party Portals and Personal Celebrity Portals.

OMNI Community portal comes in four customizable versions to differentiate the needs the requirements for the online visitor. The aim is to educate and inform the visitor while maintaining a professional and pleasant experience for the visitor.

Alumni Portal (Content Management Portal)

No matter how many friends we have, the ones that we made in school are the ones that leave the most indelible impression for life. What better way to keeping in touch, to do business, to invite for close family functions, to have always a friend indeed updated thru an online Alumni networking portal.

It is having the ability to inform and communicate with all your friends who have left the shores to attain greater heights. We should embrace their success and share it with all. Bring notice to important events for all to remember and post comments and give suggestions about the meetings and gatherings.

Social networking has brought many good things but it is quickly being abused with unwanted marketing for a profit. To ensure that the virgin enthusiasm of many new internet users are kept fresh with an open mind of their social advances, host your own Alumni portal to control and manage the information that is posted. Ensure that it will always be free of corrupt and hedonistic sentiments.

We are all looking for positive content that we want our future generation to embrace. How can this happen if we do not take the initiative to create the content ourselves. This Alumni Portal is an opportunity to create a simple publishing house with restricted readers who can communicate and collaborate content that is specific to their interests.

You are probably reading this because you are attending the SEMESTI Alumni. This event is an example of how as Alumni portal can be used to bring all the likeminded people together for one cause. is our success.


The people have elected their representatives in last election. But we cannot stop there. The people have to continue to ensure that their interests are always the main priority for our local parliamentary representative. The My ADUN portal has functions to allow the people in the constituency to make appointments to meet their representative. The “Make a Complaint” application allows for all the complaints to delegated to responsible staff to be orderly answered and served.

Personal Celebrity Portal (Content Management Portal)

We have linked with Google to advertise your popularity using the OMNI Portal framework. Creating the next Paris Hilton or Kim Kardhasian on the internet will need the OMNI Portal. OMNI Google integration for keywords and contents on your web portal will drive your fans crazy. The implosion will cause for your popularity to reach it desired celebrity levels. Create a fan base and constantly publish content to ensure that your fans are informed. Socialites have created this for themselves and gone to earn tremendous fortunes by creating their clothing brands, lingerie, perfumes and others. The opportunity is in the portal and the ability to exercise it is in the pudding.

Sportsman/Sportswomen Portal (Content Management Portal)

Many sports people don’t realize that they are the living breath of their nation. The whole country adores them for the focus and single mindedness. Their dedication is a treasured by the masses, the world as at their door knocking to see them, or just hear what they have to say. Being a developed sports person their views are the guiding line that we have to draw for our children to embrace. How better to have a portal for the most favorite sports actively contributing to the content the web, for the masses to enjoy and for our children to follow.

Political Party Portal


Political parties that have been ignoring the public for decades have opted to use a Portal to rebrand themselves. The effectiveness might tough to evaluate but the decision to undertake such a stand is worth of mention.

A forty year old party has become irrelevant due the political landslide. The only resolve is to cut all losses and meet the people. Hear their woes and address their concerns. Although the effort may come to late but at least it is the right foot in the fight place. It not may be our place to judge the sentiment of the decision but we applaud the usage of the portal to address the people it is supposed to serve. Bring forth the trustworthiness that has long been lost. Show that there is still a glimmer of hope to the masses to believe in.

Treat the people with rich information of how the party has transformed itself with reports and update the public daily with the little differences made. Differentiate yourself from the competition, be a step ahead and bring the curtain of cover up and deceit down. This all maybe too much transformation however, it is thru the tunnel of the portal that the eyes of the public will be transformed.

NGO/NPO Portal (Content Management Portal)

Transparency is the word for organization reach out to the public to collect funds for their activities. Either a Non government or non-profit, the outfits all have to show to their contributors that every resource is dedicated in fulfilling their goal of existence. Our online applications hosted on the portal bring a NGO and NPO to a very professional level. Automation of daily operations for the world to view and track is merely the starting to gain the confidence to raise money from the public. The portal is the door way to reach out to the public, keep them informed and updated on your focus to the course.

Public School Portal

In the effort to improve the Public school education system, we have put gather a list of service that will enable the three main target groups Parents, Teachers, Students

We are all products of the public school system and we do not want our fellow brethren to left behind with this ever advancing world of information technology. The purpose of the Public School portal is to have a single point of contact for the Parents, teachers and students to communicate and collaborate.

We have to inform the parents what the teachers are doing. The teachers need to know what the parents are expecting. In the process the students need to learn and play while keep their young spirits high. In the middle of this all is not the student; it is a Public school Portal that will keep everyone happy and tunes on. Going online today is necessity and the parents and teachers know that. However, there is no single location that is dedicated for students to while away their time constructively. Here we are proposing a learning tool that will be served thru web portal.

School Management System
Learning management is used by many universities and colleges to enhance the classroom education. This method has proved to be very successful. Embarking on the method will not increase the divide between the have s and the have not’s, because most publics schools have very well equipped computer labs. Access is most often open to all. We are preparing each and every student for a journey of live long education.

Membership Portal (Content Management Portal)

Any organization that runs on a membership module will benefit for the Membership Portal. This portal allows for the administrative staff to control and manage the entire membership from the start to finish. Generate reports and check for expiry and send out reminders.

For example, the Academy of Family Physicians have more than 2000 doctors registered. Using our portal, the administrative staff has been easily updated and informing members who are in arrears before the expiry. Prior to this it was managed using excel spread sheets where data was stored in many locations and not able to be comprehensively searched.

Today their database has been opened to the web for doctors to check their status, make payment and access the various services available on the portal. The most notable is the Quality Patient Care application where doctors actually connect with the invigilator and the site visitor online.

This is a perfect situation to highlight the great use of the portal. Doctors that require for their clinics to be certified for Patient use have to submit their clinics for evaluation. The evaluation is done by a team of professionals and the instructions are posted on the portal.

The doctor fills the forms in the portal and it is tracked and measured by health care professionals. All the information is at the hands of the evaluator to determine if the clinic is fit for certification. Once all the necessary information has been submitted and the doctor has completed all the necessary recommendation the clinic will be certified. This process is tracked on the portal for good governance and transparency.